1897 Dublin Tea Caddy Spoon by HW LTD.


This item isn't very easy to speak about, its beyond my ability currently to piece together this items story. I know it was made by a LTD company which means iit wasn't single individual but a small group of crafts people, that left Dublin and opened up in Birmingham England in 1899, which was two years after this spoon was made in Ireland. I'm going to suggest that maybe somebody who likes to know about these makers stories fill me in, as the existing encyclopedias online fail to mention the origins in Ireland, and know nothing of this maker beyond its very rare mark. Its hard to set a price for this as its not simply something that anybody has ever seen before, the other piece bearing this mark, is simply a toasting fork and I cant find anything else they made. If you know how this works, scarcity creates additional value, if the maker was very well known, or easily recognizable by their style or manner of creating something. Without either of these to help create value or understanding im setting the price somewhat lower than these others because of this.

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