George III Sterling Silver Sugar Tongs 1801.


George III Sterling Silver Sugar Tongs.
Maker: Soloman Hougham.
Year: 1801.
City: London.
Country: England.
Weight: 40 Grams.
Length: 5.5 inches/138.5 mm.
Width: 1.42 inches/36.13 mm.
Height: 0.618 inches/15.72 mm.
Engravings: Its my best guess that this is D & Q, that can be re engraved to suit your own house and sigil.
Estimate of value: This isn't a very useful tool today, but in its time it was the most likely thing to get filched, because it was easily put into the thief's pocket after causing the hostess or servant as was more likely the case to look elsewhere or leave the room to fetch another sort of bisquit or accessory that was deemed needed by the guest. This is why initials were first offered by angry upper caste owners.

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