Gouda Grotius Garden Pot 1930


Gouda Grotius Jardinere (small garden)
Made in Gouda, Holland
Year 1930

Extremely rare piece, due to non manufacturing occurring during the start of the stock market crash. The name Grotius is a remembrance of a very well known dutch economist of note. The underlying message being to not buy anything that one cannot actually purchase without using borrowed sums. A very well known design, but only about a half a hundred of these were ever actually sold, due to the name Grotius reminding most of the English of the word grotesque. It holds a very simple place in our collection as it has never ever had dirt in it, as was its intent, to place on or near ones desk, to bring some natural beauty into the stifling confines of most work spaces at that time. This price is a misleading one as is it its intention is to avoid being purchased until a very kind dealer has an opportunity to sell it thru her own store. This price will be adjusted for her as she did us a favor in getting the correct data for appraisal.
The price will last for about another week, to offer them time to bring their clients offer to us.

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